Hotel Saratz

Summer 2018

Opening on
June 1, 2018

For The Sake Of The Environment And NatureClean Energy

The interior of planet earth holds enough energy to ensure the supply on its surface – and that in a clean and environmentally friendly fashion. Reason enough for Hotel Saratz to build its own geothermal energy production facility.

Brief explanation of the facility:

  • A borehole with a depth of 1347 m, the first in Switzerland, was sunk in the hotel garden for the production of renewable energy.
  • Water circulating at this depth is warmed to 40°C quite naturally by the heat of the earth.
  • This warm water is introduced into the circulation system by means of a heat pump. During this process, the available heat is extracted and then the water is getting pumped back into the circulation system.
  • Hotel Saratz uses the energy gained to heat the hotel’s indoor pool and wellness zone as well as part of the hotel complex. Oil-fired heating is also available to cover times of peak load.
  • The result: by this means, Hotel Saratz saves about 70,000 litres of heating oil per year, equivalent to a CO2 emission of 180 tonnes per year. Around 60% of the heating requirement can be met by using geothermal energy.

Hotel Saratz is thus making a contribution to maintaining the quality of air and life in the Engadine for future generations. The valley has an affinity with, and a long tradition, in the energy sector: it is the “dry chamber” (322 annual days of sun) and at the same time one of the water-wealthiest valleys in the Alps.

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