Tipps & excursions

Glacier Express and Bernina Express

Two world-famous railways that travel through unique Alpine landscapes: the Glacier Express takes you on a 1-day trip from the Graubunden Alps, through valleys, gorges and over numerous bridges to Zermatt in the Valais. In contrast, the Bernina Express heads south over the Bernina Pass to the Mediterranean ambiance of Tirano in Italy.




Switzerland’s only national park covers an area of over 170 km2 with 80 km of hiking trails and leads visitors into an untouched forest, mountain and rock landscape. The unique animal world with its abundance of wildlife is particularly attractive in autumn, during the rutting season. Take in the sights, sounds and smells of nature on an individual or guided hike through the park. The National Park Centre in Zernez is a mine of information and provides an ideal introduction to exploring the park.




Postbus trip to Soglio (Bergell)

Maloja, 1815 m, is the start of the many hairpin bends that wind down over 32 km to Chiavenna at 1482 m. During the leisurely postbus trip, you approach the southern ambiance of Bergell with its impressive Bondasca mountains and the Piz Badile. You are greeted by Soglio, a mountain village of stone farmhouses, old manor houses (palazzi) and extensive chestnut forests, set on a sunny terrace




Val Müstair (Münstertal)

The road over the Ofen Pass leads through the thick forests in the Swiss National Park to Val Müstair. This southern valley exudes an air of peace and tranquillity and the St. Johann Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage, is a magnet for visitors. Mild temperatures and old, unspoilt village centres are added attractions.



Horse-drawn carriage rides

There’s something soothing and meditative about a gentle trot alongside the river accompanied by the scent of Alpine roses as you gradually penetrate deeper into the notches in the mountains. By the time you arrive on the sunny terrace, your senses will have been pleasantly stirred and you’ll be ready for some culinary fortification before you make your way back on foot, for example through the Val Roseg, Fextal valley or Stazerwald forest.


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