Hotel Saratz

Engadine Weather

Engadin Sunday

Morning 02.08.2015
Min 8°C Max 11°C
Afternoon 02.08.2015
Min 8°C Max 20°C
Sunday morning cloudy. In the afternoon friendly with cloud fields. Minimum temperature 8 deg, Maximum temperature 20 degrees.

Engadin Monday

Morning 03.08.2015
Min 4°C Max 15°C
Afternoon 03.08.2015
Min 5°C Max 23°C
Monday morning foggy. In the afternoon only few clouds. Early in the morning 4 deg, Maximum temperatures around 23 degrees.

Engadin forecast

Tuesday 04.08.2015
Min 6°C Max 22°C
Wednesday 05.08.2015
Min 8°C Max 24°C
On Tuesday sunny and isolated thunderstorms. On Wednesday clear skies with few clouds. Maximum temperature 22 - 24 deg C.

Engadin forecast for this week

Thursday 06.08.2015
Min 7°C Max 24°C
Friday 07.08.2015
Min 7°C Max 26°C
On Thursday clear skies. On Friday only few clouds. Maximum temperature 24 - 26 deg C.