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Giodi - The first genuinely almost entirely vegetarian restaurant

Welcome to the Giodi – we're delighted to have you as our guest.

We cook almost entirely vegetarian dishes prepared with the best local ingredients. On request, we are happy to serve you meat or fish – albeit in a supporting role. "Giodi" derives from "giodimaint" which means "pleasure" or "enjoyment". We wish you a pleasurable and enjoyable dining experience! 

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Selected dishes are also available between 5.00pm and 7.00pm as take away.

Note: the online take away shop will not be offered when the restaurant is closed.




Veggie, yet entirely flexi.

Veggie, yet entirely flexi.

Does this mean that meat and fish don't get a look-in? No, of course not. Well, not quite. We also cater to flexitarians and all those category-defining diners who, plant-based delights aside, also appreciate a juicy cut of meat or a tasty fish on their plate from time to time.

«A recipe is dead – as a cook, your job is to give it a soul.»

«A recipe is dead – as a cook, your job is to give it a soul.»

The food you are enjoying is cooked by Kari Walker. "Food is life", she says. "Although we know this, we often forget to give food the status it deserves." The Welsh-born chef took over the culinary helm at the Hotel Saratz and the Giodi in 2020. She loves nature and loves to compose her dishes with the home-grown ingredients that the Engadine's gardens, forests, mountains, rivers and lakes offer in abundance. Refinement without extravagance is her motto. Kari Walker acquired her extensive skills in the best kitchens in Europe and Asia and knows what it takes to craft pleasures for the palate.


Pleasure is essential. Far from being a fleeting sensation, it always leaves a lasting impression.

Menu Journal

Menu Journal

It's well worth browsing our menu journal. Not only will you find out more about our seasonally-changing dishes – we will also be casting our net wider and exploring interesting vegetarian topics.

Keep calm and bake bread!

Keep calm and bake bread!

Good bread is without doubt the most satisfying of foods, and good bread with fresh butter is the greatest feast of all. Technically speaking, flour and water are the only ingredients needed to make bread. Our Giodi bread is sourdough, which we make by cultivating the yeast that naturally occurs in flour in our own sourdough starter.


Nature's gifts are abundant, and we thank nature by celebrating it in its purest form. This is the essence of the Giodi dining experience.

Giodi Vegetarian and Co.


Daily from 17:00 to 23:00 hrs, kitchen open until 22:00 hrs, changing closing days

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You can book the GIODI exclusivly. The Banquet and Event Team will kindly assist you: bankett@saratz.ch

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Telephone: +41 81 839 45 80 or Email: giodi@saratz.ch

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