Early Bird Yoga

Start the day in a balanced and energetic way with a yoga session! Also great as a team event for more concentration and serenity. Daily on request!

Hatha Yoga Course

The yoga philosophy is not a subject to be taught, it is something to be experienced.

Endurance, flexibility, strength and a basic sense of well-being are aspects of exercise that are not limited to the physical level. In this course you will learn the correct alignment and the energetic aspects of the asanas and develop a better body awareness. Yoga and meditation help to balance the different qualities and cultivate the natural processes.

Good to know:

The private yoga class can be conducted in the morning  if requested.

Meeting point: Course room Sayayoga

Directions: Between the Hotel Saratz and the Punt Ota appartments, a staircase leads down to the park. On the left, a walkway leads into the Punt Ota building. Go through a glass door twice, then up the stairs and the Sayayoga room is on the right.

Equipment: comfortable clothes, socks, something to drink.

Leader: Mrs. Yasmin Richter

Price: CHF 30 per person, minimum 4 persons

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  • Takes Place From June - April
  • Following Days Daily
  • Duration 1 Hour
  • Age 18 years and older
  • Inclusive Service Course leader
  • Price CHF 30 per person