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Nature is a source of great tranquillity in the face of our mobility. This is why people grow to love nature more and more as they become more sensitive and mobile. 
 - Christian Morgenstern



Are you familiar with the sentiment behind the phrase "Carpe Diem"? Most likely. It's about making the most of the time we have and not putting off things until tomorrow. But are you also aware of the Roman poet's second reflection? We think it is more specific, profound and significant: Carpe Diem urges us to embrace a simpler way of life and exhorts us to "Seize the day!" Harvest the fruits of your life! Not by being busy and hectic, but through sensory experiences that are rooted in nature.

Nature has to be felt; those who only observe and abstract will remain forever estranged from it.

― Alexander vom Humboldt

Gain a feeling of nature with us in Pontresina

Share the most beautiful FEEL natural moment in your story on Instagram with the hashtag #likesaratz and tag your companion and us with @hotelsaratz. With a little luck you could win a night for two people including half board and a bottle of Saratz Arven Gin. The closing date for entries is March 27, 2022. You can find more information about participation on our Instagram channel @hotelsaratz. Much luck!



Experience the power of nature. Cherish the moments that linger and sustain us in everyday life. Follow the #likesaratz hashtag to find offers that let you enjoy nature up close.



It can snow a fair amount at 1800 metres above sea level. The landscape is gently enveloped in a thick blanket of white and our valley becomes a winter wonderland. Our guests can make their own tracks – on the slopes, the cross-country trails, on a winter walk and while playing in the snow. They feel the biting cold air, the warmth of the sun, the cold snow – they feel nature. .



Wrapped up snug and warm in a soft blanket with a glass of bubbly at hand – there's no better way to soak up the sun than on our outdoor terrace. Watch as the sun's rays, subtle and piercing by turn, penetrate deep into Val Roseg. Or warm your face and heart and bathe our hotel park in a lovely glow. A tangible miracle of nature! 



Our spa is a place to relax and unwind. Enjoy a pampering Muntanella massage and let the beneficial power of nature work to full effect!  

Immerse yourself in our wellness area for a truly relaxing experience – switch off, unwind and let your gaze wander from the pool to the glaciers as you soak in the pleasantly warm water. Look forward to a pampering Muntanella massage: feel your muscles relax while we massage marmot balm first into your feet and then as a full-body massage, culminating in a warm pebble treatment for your back. Just feel the tension melt away! And because we want you to FEEL relaxation at home too, there's a pot of marmot balm for you to take with you. 

You can find our wellness offer here 

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