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Never complacent, always exciting

Art plays an important role at Hotel Saratz. Seasonal exhibitions by artists – renowned or newcomers – create an attractive contrast to the Saratz rooms and amenities. The ubiquitous, each season changing art is to be an asset for your stay and at the same time provides a platform for the artists. Immerse yourself in a creative world made from a variety of shapes, colours, techniques and materials.

Müller Tauscher and Children of Bedouins at the Hotel Saratz

Winter 2018/19
From November 2018 to the end of March 2019, Müller Tauscher will show works of her 20-year-old work. Garda Alexander, Kind & Kunst operates several child care places and schools on Sinai, thus promotes education and creativity

The exhibition is public and can be visited at any time during the opening hours of the hotel and the restaurants.

Müller Tauscher
The appreciation of things and at the same time the destructive behavior
the modern age. Invention meets contamination. Technology
Overpopulation. "Man clean up your room!" We start with the
Clearance action, looking for the meaning of life and are in the middle of it. The
forty-two thousand unanswered questions of modern times are stuck in
our painting, in collages and objects.

Garda Alexander
Garda Alexander developed a relationship with Bedouins during her stays on Sinai. These natives have a strong relationship with nature and environment. Tourism confronts the Bedouins and their children with the modern western world. Child & Art organises together with the natives art workshops at their homes. Local women accompany the children.

Curator: Mrs. Erika Saratz

Guided tours are taking place every Monday morning at 11:00 AM with previous appointment the day before, min. pax of 4.

Müller Tauscher
Children of Bedouins