Hotel Saratz

Terms & Conditions

1. Orders
An order placed by the buyer is usually confirmed within 24 hours. Up to the order confirmation, the customer has the option to change or cancel the order. Within the same timeframe, we can also inform the buyer if ordered products cannot be delivered.

2. Payment and Prices
Payment options in the online store are credit cards as well as payment via invoice. Postage rate is subject to the general terms & conditions of Swiss Post and its national and international services and offers.

3. Delivery
Hotel Saratz cannot accept any liability for non-delivery or delay in delivery of products if the cause includes an incorrect shipping address, absence of the recipient or customs issues.

4. Inspection of Goods
The buyer must check the goods for completeness upon arrival. Report defects or incompleteness to the Hotel Saratz within 3 business days after receiving your package. You are entitled to a replacement in case of any defect. If the rectification is not achieved by the replacement, a reduction of the purchase price can be negotiated or the contract is canceled by mutual consent. In case of delivery of perishable goods such as salsiz, nut pies, etc., warranty claims will be treated as void after the printed expiration date.

5. Privacy Policy
The data collected through the ordering process are solely used for the purpose of complete order fulfillment. The information will not be shared with any third parties.

6. Copyright & Legal Notice
The website (text, images and graphs) are protected by copyright and are owned, controlled or licensed by Hotel Saratz. All rights reserved. The content of this website may not be copied, published or used without the written permission from the Hotel Saratz Executive Board. Hotel Saratz does not guarantee the accuracy of any data on its website, such as incorrect or incomplete information.

Court of jurisdiction in Pontresina, Switzerland.