Hotel Saratz

Roots & VisionCompany

A family affair

The Saratz family has shaped the hotel from its very first day. In 1974, after many successful decades, the hotel was leased out for 20 years. In 1996, again under the auspices of the Saratz family, it began to awaken to new splendour. Twelve years later, the hotel had once more undergone extensive renovations, always under the tireless and unswerving dedication of the family. Today, the hotel appears more beautiful than ever before.

The roots of the Saratz family in Pontresina date back to the 13th century. The family’s culture, love of the hotel and bond with the company can be felt in the first-class quality and numerous attractive details.

The Hotel Saratz vision

The Hotel Saratz has a personal touch, is full of captivating contrasts and is the most fascinating yet relaxing, nature-park hotel for family, holiday, sporting and seminar guests in the Engadine.

Saratz solidarity

The magical aura of the Saratz is sensed as soon as you enter the hotel. The countless details, the tastefully appointed guest rooms, spacious facilities and large hotel park are an indication of the solid basis on which the company is founded. The total dedication of the owning family has paid off. Hotel Saratz is one of the most successful hotels in the Engadine!

A very limited number of people from outside the family have also dedicated themselves to the company. There are continual opportunities to join the company. Hotel Director, Martin Scherer will be happy to supply detailed information.