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Gin the mood

Saratz proudly presents: Mountain Ash London Dry Gin

We love to surprise you – this time with our very own Saratz Gin to enhance our superb gin selection. Created, distilled and bottled by Carina and Reto Lipp, who have been experimenting with the perfect concoction for over a year. Just like our guests, the raw ingredients for the Mountain Ash London Dry Gin come from all over the world. 

But it is local rowan berries that give this gin its magic touch. Grown and ripened in our hotel park. How about visiting us and doing a few laps in our outdoor pool in view of the rowan-bearing mountain ash before sampling our gin? Oh yes – it’s gin o’clock.


5 good reasons to drink gin

Antioxidants attack free radicals. Rowan berries, once considered to be toxic, eradicate haemorrhoids, coughs and stomach ulcers and also inject an authentic regional feel. Need more reasons? Here you go.

No. 1 — Pleasure, pure and simple

There's one more gin ... Take a generous handful of rowan berries ripened under the Pontresina sun in the Engadine's largest hotel park, combine them with juniper and exquisite botanicals from all over the world and there you have it: a magnificent gin brimming with character and a complex and incomparable flavour. A true masterpiece.
It's a rare drinking pleasure, and a guarantee for Superior Happiness in the evening hours.  

No. 2 — The anti-aging effect

Gin beautifies everything! The antioxidants in juniper fight free radicals and help your skin stay healthy and wrinkle-free for longer. This anti-aging treatment will leave you with a subtly glowing complexion. 
One or two gins will leave you feeling young and beautiful the morning after. But beware: after five or six, everyone else will grow more beautiful while you slowly but surely lose control of your life. This isn't the time to succumb to sweatpants! 

No. 3 — It's a natural remedy

Just ask Dr. Charles Atan Placebo-vic. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, just imagine what a handful of rowan berries can do: coughs, bronchitis, stomach upsets, digestive problems, haemorrhoids, rheumatism and gout will be gone in no time! 
The famous Swiss herbalist and priest Johann Künzle even attributed rowan berries with hoarseness-relieving and mucus-loosening properties.   This is why singers and speakers use them to keep their vocal cords supple. Which will no doubt delight the many singers and speakers at the bar! 

No. 4 — Mimicry

Blame the mirror neurons.  We are all subject to a neural process known as perception/action coupling.  In simple terms, the perception of another person's behaviour automatically leads to the activation of the neurons in our body responsible for this behaviour. That's why they're called mirror neurons.

You might want to google it (I certainly had to), but anyway: when someone orders a gin and tonic you can't help yourself – although you only wanted mineral water, you end up ordering a gin and tonic. Because the mirror neurons in your brain told you to, not because you actually wanted one. Not at all. 


No. 5 — You know your stuff

You're wise to the ways of the world. Just like everyone else, you've curated a collection of rare single malts, and suddenly gin is all the rage. Darn! You're back to square one. But wait a minute – it turns out you're ahead of the pack yet again. You promptly prove it by explaining the (g)ins and outs of your new favourite tipple to the Saratz barkeeper. 

And in such authoritative tones that the attractive ladies to your left immediately realise what a schmuck you are. No, of course we don't mean you; we're talking about the wise guy who was there before you.  


Saratz Mountain Ash Gin

Carina and Reto Lipp specialise in the refinement of regional raw ingredients. Whether it's wine or schnapps, Lipp products are a reflection of their region of origin. When the gin hype overtook Switzerland, Carina and Reto were bitten by the bug. For over a year, they worked on achieving the perfect balance for a regional gin. Peppery, floral, spicy, berry notes – the aim was a perfectly executed spirit.  Carina says: "We've refined the Mountain Ash Gin with rowan berries from the hotel park. It suits the Saratz. And the region."


No two gins are alike: there are tried-and-tested classics, new kids on the block, crystal-clear purists and exciting niche brands. We have them all. More than 100 different ones, to be precise. Which one do you fancy? 

Two days of snow and one evening of gin – this is the secret Saratz recipe for connoisseurs. Round off a wonderful winter's day in the Engadine with a superlative gin tasting experience. Over 100 gins and numerous tonics await. Let our head barkeeper and gin pro Patrick Falk guide you through our superb selection. In other words: "Superior Happiness" in a nutshell. Savour memorable moments!