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At the heart of the Pontresina glacier and mountain landscape

Room for up to 450 people and unrivalled views

The distinguishing feature of the modern Convention and Event Centre, with hybrid event technic, opposite the Hotel Saratz in Pontresina is its extremely generous dimensions. A large plenary hall, seven seminar rooms and three foyers offer the ideal setting for congresses, meetings, banquets and cultural events. The centrepiece is the plenary hall Sela Arabella, which, thanks to the special ceiling construction, is known for its excellent concert acoustics. The modern, high-performance congress infrastructure also meets the highest demands. Located at the heart of the Pontresina glacier and mountain landscape, the views from all rooms are nothing short of phenomenal. 

Timeless architecture

The timeless architecture with the natural stone facade made of Soglio quartzite embodies the strength and untouched nature of the mountains. The large windows afford unsurpassed panoramic view of the high-Alpine mountains. Yes, there are many convention centres. But none like this.

Additional seminare rooms are available in Hotel Saratz, just next door. We would be happy to quote you our special room rates in conjunction with your event at the Convention and Event Centre Pontresina.



3-in-1 Regeneration at Saratz Pontresina: Congress, Hotel Saratz and Park

We are happy to take over the entire organization on site for you. For inquiries and reservations, please contact Banquet & Events:  Tel: +41 81 839 40 00

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Our rooms

Ground floor

The ground floor is home to the entrance area and the foyer, the smallest seminar room, Sela Roseg, the convention office, and a cloakroom. The toilets and storage rooms, a back office and two performers' dressing rooms with direct stage access are located in a side corridor. The tourist service centre is also located on the ground floor.

Foyer Ground Floor

The foyer is a spacious entrance hall, which can be used as an exhibition space. A mobile 40-inch screen is available for convention information purposes. An open cloakroom sits to the rear, and can also serve as a convention registration desk.

Ground floor layout

Foyer 1st Floor

The main staircase leads directly into the foyer and features floor-to-ceiling windows. It is perfect for coffee breaks and drinks – and with the bar in the background, serves as an ideal networking space. Plus: right in front of the entrance to the auditorium is the perfect spot for setting up prominent exhibition spaces.

Conference Rooms Muragl and Laret, 1st Floor

The two rooms Muragl (44 sqm) and Laret (38 sqm) can be used as individual seminar rooms or – with the dividing wall removed – as a double seminar room. For larger conventions, they can also be used as breakout rooms or exhibitors' lounges. The rooms are equipped with blackout windows and a fixed ceiling projector.

First floor layout

Seating plan

Plenary Hall Sela Arabella, 1st Floor

The Sela Arabella (343 sqm) is the heart of the Convention and Event Centre Pontresina and offers spectacular views over the glaciers of Val Roseg. The room is suitable for conventions, meetings, banquets, and events. With its large stage complete with all the necessary technical equipment – and even a catwalk, upon request – it is the perfect venue for product presentations and performances. Special: the suspended wooden ceiling construction provides excellent acoustics, making this space ideal for concerts. Together with the Galeria Salomé, the Sela Arabella can accommodate up to 450 seats in a concert setup, or 190 seats in a seminar setup.

Seating plan

Conference rooms San Spiert and Giarsun, 2nd Floor

The two rooms San Spiert and Giarsun can be used as individual seminar rooms or – with the dividing wall removed – as a double seminar room. For larger conventions, they can also be used as breakout rooms or exhibitors' lounges. The rooms are equipped with blackout windows and a fixed ceiling projector.

Second floor layout

Seating plan

Sela Morteratsch & Foyer, 2nd Floor

For larger events, the Sela Morteratsch provides an excellent exhibition space. With an area for coffee breaks it is also a popular networking site. By closing the frosted glass wall, the foyer turns into a meeting room. The Sela Morteratsch is also perfectly suited as a lecture room or an additional, larger breakout room for conventions. It is equipped with dimmable wall and ceiling lights.

Seating plan

Hotel Saratz event catering

From small snacks to opulent gala dinners

We believe your event should be perfect down to the last (delicious) detail, and our catering service pulls out all the stops to surprise and delight your palate. Do you fancy a leisurely long coffee break with a few extras, a healthy snack with smoothies or a classic "coffee & cake" ritual? May our kitchen prepare a festive dinner for you? The possibilities are almost endless. Maybe you already known exactly what you have in mind, or maybe you are still looking for inspiration. We would be happy to send you our banquet and catering documentation.

Tel. +41 (0)81 839 40 00

Hotel Saratz event catering
Hotel Saratz event catering

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