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You recommend us - we reward you

Become a Saratz-Ambassador

You loved staying with us – and you know your friends will too! 

How does it work?

It really is as simple as it sounds. The only condition is that you have stayed with us before. If you're a fan of the Saratz, why not recommend us to your friends and acquaintances? For every first-time booking we receive as a result of your referral, we will give you a voucher and serve your friends a Saratz Happiness Drink at the hotel bar. 

Gift vouchers

  • If your referral results in a first-time booking of up to 6 nights, we will give you a voucher for CHF 50.00 
  • If your referral results in a first-time booking of more than 6 nights, we will give you a voucher for CHF 100.00

You can redeem your voucher during your next stay with us. The voucher is non-transferrable and cash payment is excluded.

Is it really that simple? Yes! The entire process will take no more than three minutes of your time. Fill in the form, complete the card, recommend the Hotel Saratz and earn a reward!

First step

Ready, set, go! The clock is ticking. Add your contact details to the form below. Already done? Proceed to the second step. 
You aren't staying with us right now and would like to do it from home? No problem – proceed directly to the third step and complete the second step after you've received your card.


Your data

Second step

Write your name, email address and phone number on the back of the Saratz Ambassador Card you have just received at the reception desk. 
Of course we'd be happy to send your card to your home address.


Third step

Nearly there! Three minutes are almost up. Just confirm your details by clicking on the button and you're done!

Now you can go and tell your friends about the great time you had at the Saratz, in Pontresina and the Upper Engadine.  If they are interested in staying with us, just hand them your card. 

Fantastic! Your recommendation has resulted in a first-time booking!

We will let you know when your friends or acquaintances arrive at the Saratz and will send your voucher to your address.